Black and White and Beautiful

Like many many other individuals in the world I am slightly shoe obsessed I lust after Lanvin, marvel at Miu Miu and pore over Prada. Most of my marvelling, lusting and poring is done from afar as my limited funds are prioritised elsewhere kids, mortgage food etc etc etc. Every so often though I will allow myself a complete indulgence but only when there are flashes of 70% off in my inbox of course! As I perused the sales nothing caught my eye until these amazing beauties appeared as I scrolled. These beautifully structured Theyskens Theory wedges ticked all my boxes even my latent Mod one. The thrill of the purchase was as heady as ever as I added to my basket, paid (gulp) and waited until the dispatch email appeared. Then they arrived in all their black boxed glory and I was not disappointed they are absolutely perfect. My legs are longer all of my wardrobe has been refreshed in one fell swoop and get this despite the height they are comfortable it is the perfect love match.

Theyskens Theory wedges from net-a-porter

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