From Obscurity to Beyond

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will no doubt have read or heard the name Obscure Couture in these past couple of weeks. Obscure Couture have literally been all over X Factor and are fast becoming the favourite of Amelia Lily with her rocking their Scapula jacket this week and leather gown last week. I have been lucky enough to interview the dynamic design duo for this blog in the past and last week I finally had the opportunity to meet the girls in the flesh and bone! I was not disappointed Lyndsay and Jenn just ooze genuine friendliness the kind of which, and I make no apologies for this, you can only find in Scottish lassies!

When asked to style a local charity fashion show in conjunction with Rainbow Room International Ayr hair salon I immmediately thought of my favourite Scottish designers. Obscure Couture did not hesitate and quickly answered that I could use anything I repeat anything! How ecstatic was I? How excited? How much fun did I have with their SS12 collection Us Vs Them! Needless to say the models went down a storm the combination of Obscure Couture and Rainbow Room salon director Ricardo Corvi and team creativity hit the audience right between the eyes.

I will provide more detail on the show in later in this blog series about my experience for now I want to give you a flavour of the studio life in pictures of the nicest lassies in Scottish design…

Lyndsay and Jenn=Obscure Couture

Rail of Couture



Guido from Team RRI

The Gorgeous Stacey

Where the magic happens…

A little bit of lux

X marks the spot 🙂

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