Desperately Seeking Something

My most recent purchase was thanks to a post by the amazing Susie of the bubble fame a beautiful 1930s inspired car print jumpsuit from  Topshop Unique . It is probably one of the most versatile items I have bought in a long time and I have had great fun trying it out to varying degrees of casual and glam! I decided to add a bit of sparkle in the way of a Topshop trophy jacket purchased a few years ago.  I bought this jacket in homage to one of my favourite films Desperately Seeking Susan and I have worn it many many times giving fantastic cost per wear and justifying the price tag!  I love the fact that the cropped style of the jumpsuit shows of the ankle giving the chance to showcase some killer heels with ankle straps like these KG platforms again purchased a few years back.   Overall I was really happy with the outfit and it gave me the confidence boost I needed to step out with my beautiful niece to join in with her 18th birthday celebrations!

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4 Responses to Desperately Seeking Something

  1. Princess Biscuit says:

    Love the entire outfit, Cookie! Great shoes, jumpsuit, and my favourite thing-the jacket! x

  2. Thanks Steph it’s a favourite of mine too!

  3. Carol says:

    You look absolutely amazing and I absolutely adore the jumpsuit – it’s perfect. Hope Nadia had a good birthday x PS Are you going to the party on Saturday night?

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