I in Napa

Call me crazy but Summer is not my favourite season I am essentially a lazy creature happy to stay indoors on dark dreary nights. In summer I am left with no excuse to laze and lounge and instead I feel under pressure to venture outdoors and be active. Travelling to warmer climes where it is actually to hot to move around in the daytime therefore is the perfect situation for a summer phobic like me and 40 odd degrees Cyprus allowed me to do just that. Soaking up my yearly quota of vitamin D and relaxing more in 2 weeks than I have in the past 3 years I have came home feeling refreshed and recharged and very much looking forward to darker nights and the multi-coloured hues of Autumn.

Another of my quibbles with Summer is that I find style also takes a break especially if you venture into the thrust of any holiday resort. A crazy squeeze through the crushing crowd in Ayia Napa at night confirmed that style was indeed off on a holiday much further afield. Outfits consisting of scraps of denim, “I’m in Napa B*tch” tanks and bikinis after dark left me confused, appalled and dumbstruck! The bulk of the typical young lady’s attire came in the way of false eyelashes, false nails, hair extensions! This is not a case of me tut tutting as the disapproving older lady (I’m happy to embrace the young, ridiculous and avant garde fashion with the best of them) bearing witness to multiple crimes against fashion and style being committed again and again and again however is another story entirely . I have pondered the reasons for these crimes. Too much sun? Jager bomb induced insanity? Illegal substances? Any ideas anyone? Anyone? What drives club 16-20 to become scantily clad sheep lacking any individual style? Apologies for the rant but I think I have been left with scars that may take some time to heal offers of post Napa therapy will be gratefully received!

An antidote to the madness of “The Square” in “Napa” was the beautiful scenery, sun drenched beaches and friendly locals. It was my return to Cyprus after 13 years and I was not disappointed jager bombs aside it remains one of my favourite holiday destinations and I will return maybe next time I will be lucky enough to bump into style one can only hope?

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