Folk In Fashion

One of my highlights each year for the best part of a decade has been an amazing music festival called Home Game. Home Game is the brain child of a very cool and very talented group of musicians called the Fence Collective whose base camp is within Anstruther in the breathtakingly beautiful East Neuk of Fife in Scotland.  The festival is possibly the friendliest event you might ever attend and plays host to bands from all over the UK and beyond.

This years line-up did not disappoint and included the talents of
King Creosote, Pictish Trail, Kid Canaveral, Cate Le Bon, Found and many many more. My personal musical highlight was the amazingly talented and cool Kid Canaveral recently returning from a gruelling stint at SXSW in the US the band gave one of the best performances I have witnessed in long enough.  Their set was energetic and could only be described as bounce inducing something I have not participated in for some time! Their album Shouting at Wildlife is due to be relaunched and I highly recommend that you make a wee investment and give your ears some much needed pleasure.  

                                                    Kid Canaveral

The festival does not disappoint in the style stakes those cynics among us that might think folk=bearded fellows in cords and long haired ladies in florals would be wrong. While there is a fair amount of facial hair on display the styles are eclectic, individual and interesting to say the least move over Coachella Home Game is where its at!

Rumour has it that Home Game may not return next year I for one hope that this will only be a sabbatical and the organisers will once again take the East Neuk by storm and keep folk in fashion!

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