I pulled out a plum…

Part of the pleasure as I am sure you will all agree is an outfit in the planning stages this is an indulgence that I don’t always get to luxuriate in now that I have 3 lovely kiddies demanding my attention. I still however usually have an idea of what I will wear to any given outing in the week prior. Part of the pain of outfit planning is trying the idea on and realising it doesn’t look/feel/seem just right. I felt this pain briefly last Friday night when I stood in front of the mirror in the vintage frock that I had been planning to wear to Nightwalk! A mini crisis was averted as on this occasion as I got very lucky on a recent trip to my ever expanding archives and had pulled out a plum skirt from Jigsaw circa 1999. This silk mid length skirt with a nice detail of a chain running through the hem in my humble opine worked perfectly with my bargain ASOS White (bagged in the sale for a meagre 11 british pounds) lime green silk and jersey top. Another quick rummage brought to the fore a punchy pink Kipling cross the body bag and hey presto some colour blocking took place and all was well with the world again.

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