Obscure Couture

Obscure Couture is the label behind design duo Jennifer Coyle and Lyndsay Pagan. The pair met in 2002 at University while studying Clothing Design and Fashion Design for Industry. Going their separate ways after graduating the pair travelled far and wide creating and assisting with collections for the middle east, Sydney, Japan and Brighton! These travels have ensured a wide variety of experience from working with Mrs Jones, Julien McDonald, Noki, The Scissor Sisters and Goldfrapp to collaborating with Fred Perry and Johnny Blue Eyes.

Reunited in 2009 the evolution of Obscure Couture began with a label launch in October 2010 to debut the Flesh and Bone Collection. The collection has had an amazing reception and has graced a catwalk or three including Fashion Mavericks at London Fashion Week in February this year.

The lovely ladies have been gracious enough to squeeze this wee interview into their busy schedule and to share the evolution and inspiration behind Obscure Couture.

The Inspiration
We are inspired by so much, all designers have things they feel they need to get out.  We always want to follow our hearts and not just the trend books.  The inspiration behind ‘Flesh and Bone’ is punk rock meets Victorian.  Its such a fantastic juxtaposition that seems to work perfectly, the exuberance of the victorian and the harshness of punk create a brash clash of sex and beauty.  Full of contradictions and a colour palette of flashing sunset, ‘Flesh and Bone’ uses a mix of fabrics – studded and spiked Kobe leather/foiled pig skins lie alongside soft Ombre chiffons and silks, hand embroidery features and amazing hand knits are turned into mohawks with pink studs and gold leather.

The Obscure Couture Woman
We always say Obscure Couture is street/stage wear for the introverted extrovert.  Our woman is strong and confident, not ashamed of who she is and projects her image out for everyone to see.  A woman who wants to be different, and stand out from the crowd, she is also a girl who appreciates beautifully made pieces in luxurious fabrics – pieces with hidden details that maybe only she will ever know about.

The Present
Currently Obscure Couture is snowed under with projects, its awesome!!  We are doing commissions, we have just shown as part of Glasgow Film Festival at the CCA and we are doing a piece for Harris Tweed’s, 100 years of the Orb.  We are so excited about that, we have some lovely tweed and we get to Obscure it!!!

The Future
Again, its all really exciting our new web site will be available soon with e-commerce.  We are working on a diffusion range for the wider market this will be available in May this year. Following this we will be working on our SS12 collection for both the diffusion and couture ranges to show at London Fashion Week again.

The Stockists  
Obscure Couture will be available online via new the website which is due to be launched soon and the diffusion line will be available from Doll Boutique in May this year.

Images courtesy of Gavin Thorn

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4 Responses to Obscure Couture

  1. Jess Marlow says:

    Love the blog ,the pictures are amazing

  2. Gavin Thorn says:

    Many thanks for the compliments, and the credit 🙂

    The originals are here: http://gavinthorn.com/news/obscure-couture-at-lfw-fashion-mavericks/

    Best regards,

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