Oh So Coco

I have become obsessed with hats lately more so after watching Coco Before Chanel. A late viewer to this film I absolutely adored both the story and the styling. Audrey Tautou was enchanting as usual and looked so perfectly chic in Coco’s hats that I became mesmerised. Since watching I have been wishing for the days when a lady would not leave the house without a hat and longing for an opportunity to don one. When I realised today was the anniversary of the passing of Coco I decided to start my search for the perfect hat to pay my homage to the great lady. On my way I have also came across some gorgeous hatpins from modern to antique and I plan to rock this combo on a ladies evening of Shakespeare with my beautiful friend Mrs F in March (pics to follow).


Eugenia Kim

Hat Pins from Penny Pins


Victoriana Hatpins

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7 Responses to Oh So Coco

  1. raya says:

    I love those hats!:)))

  2. Reg says:

    fabulous hats! i actually haven’t watched it yet but i’m gonna watch it now thanks to this entry đŸ™‚


  3. I love hats and I love love love this film. She made the basics looks good didn’t she? I am hat obsessed but need to branch out with my selections so thanks for the inspirational post…

    Carol x

  4. Nikki says:

    she is one of my idols *swoon*

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