Back to the Future

I am really excited about the 70s influenced styles that are lurking around at the moment. Bright colours, swishy styles and sophisticated looks pulled from the dance floor of Studio 54. Being a child in the 70s I have many fond memories of my older sisters in flares and listening to Fleetwood Mac. I remember having a pair of chocolate brown oxford bags which I wore with a check blouse and stretchy broad belt. I was age 8 at the time and this was my school outing outfit specially hand picked by me! Home made was also big in the 70s I remember my father baking bread the smell of yeast still pulls my back to that time. Home made clothes were also popular I vividly remember a long purple flower print maxi skirt with white frill edging made by my mother’s friend. Vogue patterns from the 70s still hold fascination and inspiration to this day the illustrations are so glamourous and stylish even if the finished garment didn’t always turn out that way!

The SS11 collections were heavily influenced by 70s styles much to my delight and the high street I am sure will be a hot bed of flares, blouses and stacked heels ensuring the shopaholics among us have no hope of recovery.

Jason Wu

Marc Jacobs

There are many options available now some new season some on sale so it is definitely worth investing and dreaming of spring and going back to style your future.

1st Row
Topshop Erdem Topshop
2nd Row
Topshop Joseph Theory
3rd Row
Topshop Miu Miu ASOS
4th Row
Pierre Cardin Vintage Moschino Cheap and Chic Halston Heritage

Vogue Patterns available at Abby and Sophia

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4 Responses to Back to the Future

  1. Llara says:

    Typical, you show shoes from ASOS and Toppers and I like the Miu-miu pair. #whymustilivewithinabudget?

  2. Nikki says:

    Great post, I am so in love with the 70s look. I was an 80s child so everyone pretty much looked ridiculous when Iwas growing up!

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