The Finest Wedgewood

Due to limited funds at chez shareitwearit it was agreed that there would a fifty british pounds limit on spending for Mrs Shareit and Mr Wearit’s christmas presents. Mrs Shareit’s clothing allowance has also been affected by the current financial climate so much hinting was to be done in Mr Wearit’s direction as to how to spend this quota wisely (on clothing of course).

I may have mentioned in past posts that I have a great affection for and collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts. My 11 year old daughter has begun to share my passion and I find my stash is dwindling while her’s seems to grow. She has already taken a shine to my Stüssy archives and many of my sweatshirts (she calls them hoodies)! This situation does not worry me too much as I think I may be getting past the stage of Stüssy not to mention hoodies. You can imagine my delight then when I discovered The Orphans Arms via Young British Designers. A collection of classically reactionary t’s and sweats that even the more mature lady or gent can wear while avoiding a mutton/lamb moment. I could wax lyrical about the evolution of the label but I think this image speaks for itself.

This slouchy Wedgewood Blue ‘Keep Lovers’ Sweater caught my eye and as is my way I became quite obsessed. Mr Wearit took the hint and lo and behold much to my delight I unwrapped said sweater on Christmas morn. It did not disappoint as it ticks all the requirements to join my gang soft, slouchy and comfortably stylish. It can be dressed up and worn down as I have discovered during my many outfit trials.

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2 Responses to The Finest Wedgewood

  1. All good outfit trials – I love it with the jeans and heels. It looks incredibly comfy, what a find!

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