Pre Fall 2011

The inspiration behind this post comes from my lack of inspiration at this time of year. I am a strange type of female I cringe away from sparkly frocks and would quite happily go into style hibernation come the dreaded party season. It really is fashion limbo for me as I avoid the high street both real and virtual. I am too cold to dream of spring and summer as it seems so very far away as I huddle under my layers. If truth be told Autumn/Winter is my favourite season I start planning and plotting my wardrobe in July (sad I know). Spring/Summer has certain possibilities but I do love to layer my layers rather than peel them off. This is where Pre Fall comes in these collections give me hope inspiration for my fashion future. The layering begins albeit in a more subtle form, legs can be bared but hosiery can also make an appearance jackets are more about the look than the practical and the styling possibilities are endless! On that note I have been enjoying and revelling in the inspiration that is Pre Fall 2011. Decadent embellishment from Chanel, bold colour blocking from Diane Von Furstenburg, timeless elegance at Jason Wu and warming woolies from Pringle of Scotland.

Chanel Pre Fall 2011


Diane Von Furstenburg Pre Fall 2011


Jason Wu Pre Fall 2011

Pringle of Scotland Pre Fall 2011


All images from Vogue

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1 Response to Pre Fall 2011

  1. Kinga says:

    Oh my God! you just cheered me up with this post and all the beautiful images!!!! 🙂 these are absolutely my perfect outfits for A/W!!! not too much the sparkly pieces…BUT starting from Jason Wu Pre Fall 2011 and working my way down to the bottom each and every single look is just so so so stylish!!!
    You just brightened up my day!! 🙂
    Thanks! xxxxx

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