Legging It

Leggings have been popular since the swinging 60s and with each passing decade have evolved in the style of the times. They can look both stylish and scary depending the wearer and the styling. I have bore witness to many many crimes against fashion that leave leggings very much guilty as charged. When styled correctly however leggings can look amazing and my particular favourites circa now are my Topshop pleather pair. This is my second pair of pleather leggings or trews and I am sure I will wear them until they collapse with exhaustion. They look great with sweaters, blouses, shirts and tunics, brogues, boots and loafers. They are my fail safe in times of wardrobe malfunction as I know they will stand by me through thick (days) and thin (days).

When perusing the online delights I have found both low and high priced lovelies that I would quite happily welcome into my legging collection.

Cheap Monday at ASOS


Theory at Matches

Helmut Lang at Net-a-Porter

When going for lunch with my ladies I knew to look no further than my faithful leggings to pair with my ladylike blouse and cropped check jacket. So go forth and invest in pleather or leather as you please with assurances that they will never let you down or encourage you to create a fashion offence.

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