Goodbye Kitty

Over the past few weeks I have been followed, haunted and faced with the word kawaii meaning cute in Japanese. It all started with my daughters obsession with Japanese culture which has further intensified since becoming a school topic. I then came across it in a tweet from a friend and again in a blog by Style Slicker. I am a believer in fate and felt that the universe was telling me something and that I should at least have some fun with it. Where else would I do this but here where I can play with some style inspired cuteness!

I suppose we can blame/thank our kawaii friend Hello Kitty for a major part of the cute culture. She emerged in the mid 70’s and has grown from strength to strength. Her target demographic has changed in my experience her cuteness begins to wane at the age of 7 or 8 these days!

Kitty is then replace with Kid Robot the current obsession in my household. Kid Robot is a fusion of kawaii and not so kawaii creatures with some quite disturbing looking collectables included Munny, Dunny and Yummy.

More recently I have found images of Gwen and her harajuku girls lying around both the desk and desk top. Harajuku of course is that famous area in Tokyo where we can enjoy the styles of gothic lolita, visual kei, and decora.

And so to a more sophisticated cute, thanks to Sonia Rykiel it is possible to inject some kawaii into even the most cynical fashionista’s wardrobe. I am a long standing fan and I do believe that her pieces are classic and timeless despite the cuteness. The addition of a love heart here or a pair of ruby red lips there alongside her classic stripes and shapes keep the pieces fresh stylish and kawaii at the same time.

My Wardrobe


Being a bit of a recessionista at this moment in time I will make do with my archives and share one of my favourite Sonia by Sonia Rykiel pieces and leave you to ponder can kawaii cut it in the style stakes or is it au revoir Kitty?

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