She Died She Styled

I just had to blog about my new t-shirt which (being a collector) is a bit of an event as I don’t usually play favourites with my hoard of slouch. If you haven’t heard of the She Died of Beauty collection I am assuming you are already dead and gone (sorry). The inspiration of Erin O’Connor statuesque cooler than cool style legend and Kate Halfpenny stylist and beyond talented designer these t-shirts with a conscience have become THE fashion must have at the moment. Being financially embarrassed I was holding back from buying virtually anything but those absolute essentials for survival food and wine. I was however persuaded by some cajoling tweets (well one tweet actually) to get thyself to a the glorious website of those Young British Designers and do a bit of clicking. Armed with a little bit of coding generously donated by my favourite tweeters @YBD I finally reached the check out and bought my chosen logo She Died of Individuality which if you knew me you would understand had to be mine!

I have many many outfits planned around this purchase trews, dresses, jeans, skirts, shirts and sequins! The quality as you can imagine is excellent, the fit has just the perfect amount of slouch I was advised as a size 8 to opt for a small. My package arrived as promised by the next working day boxed and wrapped and wearing a handwritten tag with a lovely message from YBD. I thought I would share one of my outfits I have planned around my purchase she died of individuality t shirt, vintage lace dress, ankle socks and heeled hiking boots.

If you haven’t invested in one of these beauties get along to Young British Designers and increase your eco awareness and fashion clout at the same time and remember come back and share how you plan to style yours.

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3 Responses to She Died She Styled

  1. Such a great post on one of our favourite items! She Died Of Beauty brings a smile to all who wear and all who behold!

  2. Caradiaz says:

    Absolutely love these t-shirts (and the YBD girls – big fan!). Mine will be ‘She died of Pefection’ – when I finally get around to buy it, that is. I just can’t bring myself to do it when all I’m wearing in this cold weather are chunky knits! 😦

    But will definitely be getting one at some point 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. I believe these t shirts will be around long enough to appear from under our winter layers. A white one is a must I think!!!

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