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Vintage it would appear is all the rage at the moment both on the high street and with those out of reach stars. Celeb influences coming from Kate Moss and Dita Von Teese have had us mere mortals scrambling for a piece of the action while Vintage at Goodwood has ensured that all things yesterday are brought to us en masse in festival form. Now some purists may be offended when the term vintage is bandied around freely and used to describe any purchase from more than 10 years ago. Whether you are of this mind set or are happy with any retro piece that can offer some unique styling to your wardrobe there is much fun to be had and a plethora of online and high street shopping to whet your appetite.

One of my recent discoveries is Vintage Amours more than just an online shop but a collection, group, pack, tribe however you might like to describe them of vintage and retro obsessed boys and girls. On joining the group you immediately feel part of a stylish, chic and friendly community willing to share some gorgeous clothing, images and events all connected to fashion vintage or otherwise. The website offers inspirational images to help with our styling stumbling blocks and shopping to pick up those unique garments that will stand out from the high street crowd. The motto of the xxxAmour Girlsxxx and ***Vintage Boys*** is “live for today dress from yesterday” sums up the entire experience quite nicely.

The autumn winter look book gives us a sneaky peak some gorgeous one off pieces available to enhance our new season wardrobes. All pieces hit the key trends for the coming months as well as being classics in their own right. Wide leg pants, denim, faux fur and sheepskin all feature in the look book.

Sign up and become a fully fledged xxxAmour Girlxxx or ***Vintage Boy*** or follow on Twitter @Vintage_amours
Vintage Amours
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Photography by Laure Lepage and Marina Friscira

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