Alexa and Me

So after a couple of decades of lusting after “it” bags I finally became the proud but humble owner of the Mulberry Alexa. This was a consolation prize for entering my 5th decade which I tried to do with good grace but failed miserably the week before by falling to pieces! Alexa however has pulled me out of the doldrums and now I just have to try and achieve some nonchalance whilst wearing her…something that I am finding difficult to do. I feel I have now achieved an air of casual as I tout her about my daily life however I now have shoulder and neck pain from bearing her weight. It does sound as though I am complaining bitterly but don’t be fooled Alexa’s advantages far outweigh these small grumbles. She instantly transforms any outfit from “oh I’m not sure about this” to “yep that’s the one” as soon as I sling her across my body. I have grown to love her dearly and she is the type of bag that will age beautifully even if her owner struggles to. My advice if you are ever splashing out on THE bag of your existence is choose carefully and keep it classic then you can both age together and maybe by the time retirement comes around you will have justified the price!

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1 Response to Alexa and Me

  1. Hazel says:

    Congratulations on your first blog. Alexa is beautiful…

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